Getting Started

Thank you for reaching out for support! It takes courage and humility to take steps to pursue counseling. If you are ready to do so, I welcome the opportunity to work with you! Counseling services at Covenant Presbyterian Church are provided at no cost to church members. 

The first step in the counseling process is the initial meeting. More instructions for setting up your initial appointment can be found on the Scheduling Appointments page. During your initial meeting, we will look at the information given on the Member Intake form, discuss presenting issues, and determine the best course of care. Some options for care are as follows:

  1. Counseling with Greg Becker (professional counseling; premarital, marriage, family, individual, etc.)
  2. Referral (mentor, MD, *outside counseling services, psychologist, etc.)
  3. Pastor/Elder (shepherding, theological questions, etc.)
  4. Diaconal Support (practical needs, physical or financial help, etc.)

During the counseling process, it may become important to contact one or more outside parties, such as family members, spouses, general medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and pastors.  If this becomes necessary, you will have the opportunity to talk with your counselor about the Release of Information form and fill one out in session.

*Covenant Presbyterian has connective arrangements with several local counselors and agencies outside our church. Within these arrangements, there is an understanding that Christians should have their spiritual and relational needs met within their congregation and that the responsibility for the care and cure of souls rest primarily on the local church body. It is the goal of these partner agencies (Journey Counseling Ministries, Inc. and others), to be interdependent, not independent, of the churches whose members are served by this ministry. Those pursuing counseling at Covenant may be referred out for a variety of reasons such as a desire for a same gender counselor or due to a full schedule. In these situations, members of Covenant may be able to receive financial assistance for this fee-based counseling.