Care Service Teams

We are so grateful for the many people who come to worship and serve with us at Covenant. God, in his word, has called all of us to care for one another! In a church our size, there are many needs for care that arise. As members of the CPC family, we embrace the biblical principle of interdependence which means that all of us in our lives will not only, at times, need to be care receivers, but will also need to be caregivers.

Care Service Teams are comprised of members of the church willing to be contacted to share their time and talents with those in the body that are in need. Individuals are welcome to be a part of one or as many Care Service Teams as he or she would like. Being a part of a Care Service Team does not require you to respond to every request, but does give an opportunity to serve as you are able.

Below is a list of the Care Service Teams. Included is a brief description of their purpose.

  1. Food/Meals
  2. Home Care
  3. Childcare
  4. Transportation
  5. Lawn/Yard Care
  6. Pet Care
  7. Visitation/Relational Support
  8. Music
  9. In-Home Care
  10. Financial Counsel
  11. Serving Children/Adults with Disabilities
  12. Computer/Technical Services
  13. Home Repair
  14. Car Maintenance
  15. Other
  16. Moving Team

If you are a member of Covenant and are interested in becoming a part of a Care Service Team, click the link HERE to access our volunteer form.