Covenant VBS

Why Covenant VBS?

You may wonder why, with so many creative, fun-filled Vacation Bible School programs available, we felt the need to add yet another. The answer to that is simple. We could not find a program that was a really good fit for us. We wanted something decidedly reformed in nature, that taught Biblical principles clearly and without compromise, with material accessible and challenging to both “churched” and “unchurched” children. At the same time, we wanted a program that was still full of fun and excitement and was presented more like a day camp rather than following a classroom model.

We are pleased to say that we believe our VBS materials do all of the above and more! Because children are broken up into small crews and rotate through different stations children get individual attention whether you have a smaller VBS with 20 to 30 children, or a larger program of 600 or more children.

It is our prayer for you that our VBS materials will be used by the Holy Spirit to reveal to children that Jesus is the way, and to challenge both adults and kids to follow Him.

Every blessing,

Lisa Updike,

on behalf of the Covenant VBS team