Dec 26

Divine Protection

Aaron Roberts |Series: Advent |Matthew 2:15-18

The birth of Jesus is a lot more than an exciting day wherein the God of the Universe gives the world a great gift. The birth of Jesus is the inauguration of a new kingdom that comes into our world of sin and chaos. Christ comes as the righteous ruler of this new kingdom, and he comes with a call for all principalities, rulers, and subjects to give submission to him. And because of this, Christ Jesus is a threat to all the kingdoms of this world, who inevitably rise to wage war against him (Psalm 2:1-3). In our text this Sunday, Matthew recounts the rage of a worldly kingdom incited by the news of Christ’s holy arrival. Jesus comes into the world with great anticipation but also with great sadness. Surrounding his birth is shame, isolation, betrayal, conspiracy, and even murder. But even though the powers of this kingdom are real and threatening, and this little family from Bethlehem endures much heartache, this weak Son, born in a manger, will in powerful weakness preserve his people who look to him by faith.

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