May 21

The Implications of Salvation

Tim Frost |Philippians 2:12-18

When it comes to salvation, we often look to our own efforts. Even if we believe in grace, we operate as if our works contribute to God’s satisfaction in us. But Paul outlines the simple truth of the gospel: Christ has done it all for us, and we add nothing to our salvation. The work we do is in response to God’s movement toward us. When Paul tells the Philippian church to work out their salvation, he is instructing them to work out the implications of the salvation that is already theirs by faith in Jesus Christ.

This outworking of salvation has tangible results. True salvation is accompanied by turning away from sin and by walking in obedience. True salvation is proven by the life that bears good fruit. True salvation is reflected in a heart oriented toward God, rooted in his word, empowered by his Spirit, and lived for the glory of the Son.