Jun 02

Part 63: The Work of the Holy Spirit

Todd Pruitt |Series: The Gospel of John |John 16:4b-15

This passage is the sixth of the eight sections making up Jesus’ Farewell Discourse bookended by a prologue (13:31-38) and an epilogue (16:25-33). Each section offers comfort and consolation to the 11 remaining disciples which they will need as they move out into the world on mission for Jesus. So each part of the discourse works together to offer a sustained exhortation to stay the course. No wonder Jesus pays such careful attention the doctrine of the Trinity with special emphasis on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. It is supremely comforting to know that the Triune God will be with them, empowering them to the very end.

In this section Jesus zeroes in once again on the Holy Spirit calling special attention to what he will come to do. As we have noted before, the Holy Spirit has been active in creation from the very beginning (Genesis 1:1-2). We see him working in and through the saints of the Old Testament. But now it seems clear that what Jesus is promising is new. The Spirit’s work in the world and among God’s people will be reflective of the fullness of God’s revelation in Christ. His activity will be in keeping with the completed work of Jesus.

The title that Jesus gives to the Holy Spirit – Paraclete – has a complex of meanings such as Advocate, Helper, Counselor, etc. The title speaks to the nature of the Spirit’s help given to God’s people. He is just precisely the One needed by people who follow Jesus in a world that hates God. In relation to the world, the Holy Spirit will convict of sin, righteousness, judgment. He will grant his people understanding of the truth. And in all things, the Spirit aims to the glorify Jesus.

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