Jul 31

Mature Christianity

Aaron Roberts |Ephesians 4:11-16

“Christ appointed the ministry that we should not be always children, ignorant of those things that we ought to know, that we should not be wavering and inconstant, tossed with the wind of contrary doctrines, that we should not be separated from Christ and his church through unsettledness in faith; that we should not be deceived by the subtlety, deceit and treacherous seducing of corrupt people. Therefore, to further this end, we should, as much as in us lies, endeavor unity of the church” (David Dickson, Exposition of Ephesians)

The apostle Paul wrote from prison to a local body of believers who gathered regularly on the Lord’s Day. Paul most likely had never met the actual members of the church in Ephesus, but what Paul originally wrote to them, he also wrote for all Christians today. As we will see, this is a message needed for every church in every generation even as she is constantly under attack. His teaching in this section emphasizes that God has established a particular purpose through which he would use particular people to create a particular church. Without the church operating as it should, it will not reach the desire destination God intends for it. However, the grace of God is at work sustaining her through love, preparing her for a rich entry into glory.

For this Sunday, consider the church’s work of ministry. What should the church be doing? What is your part in serving, and how do godliness and doctrine play a significant part of that work?

Brothers and sisters, as we come together on Sunday, let us remember that even now, we are members of one body, called to unity in the faith. As we hold fast to Christ, we will attain maturity just as Christ intends for us.