Dinner for Eight

WHAT IS DINNER FOR EIGHT? Dinner for Eight is a gathering of eight adults (any combo of couples and singles) for monthly meals, fellowship, and offering and receiving hospitality. It is open to members and non-members.

HOW DOES DINNER FOR EIGHT WORK? Groups of eight adults are randomly assigned to a host who will act as the point person for the group. The host will typically provide the main dish and contact the other participants to contribute sides and dessert, potluck-style. The host will be responsible for arranging monthly details; selecting the date, location, and suggesting a theme. We encourage you to be creative in the meals you enjoy together! Each month you will be assigned to a new group.

WHAT MONTHS WILL GROUPS MEET? Dinner groups will meet during the months of October, November/December*, January, February, March, and April. (*meeting only once during the busy holiday months!)

WHO COOKS THE MEALS? It’s a potluck! Typically the host will decide on the dinner theme and/or make the main dish. The other participants will bring coordinating sides or desserts. Consider picking a theme (i.e. Italian night, backyard barbecue night, soup night, etc.) and everyone can bring a dish that goes along with that theme.

WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE ROOM TO HOST A DINNER, OR I REALLY CAN’T COOK? If you don’t have room to fit eight people but would like to be a host, consider meeting at a park, or restaurant. (Please be mindful that restaurants don’t fit everyone’s budget.) The goal is to develop community and fellowship within our church body. We’re all called to hospitality, both offering it, and receiving it, so think outside the box! If you’re intimidated by cooking, feel free to bring store-bought food items like a bagged salad or dessert.

WHAT ABOUT FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN? Each month’s group will determine this answer. If the host wants to include children, they may. If a host is able, perhaps they could offer to hire a sitter to watch children at their house. Parents, be prepared for the fact that you probably won’t be able to bring your children each month and will sometimes need to look for childcare